Compelling Features that Set Us Apart.

Desert Fuels isn’t simply just another fuel supplier. We are built on the idea that we are revolutionizing the wholesale fuel industry for the better. We have scrutinized every aspect of the fuel selling process with a goal of making every-part of the process better, especially the relationship.  We invite you to explore “what sets us apart”.

We Were Built for You

We were built for you

Here at Desert Fuels, we know why we wake up in the morning: To Fix The Broken Trust of the Fuel Industry. We feel that your current supplier is letting you down. They are probably charging you too much, giving you poor service, and are stuck in the 70’s when it comes to technology. And because of that, you don’t trust them. Desert Fuels was built on the foundation of fixing that broken trust. We were built for you.

With Desert Fuels, we believe you will experience something refreshingly different.

Real Service

A single point of contact for everything, anytime. Each customer is assigned a specific Customer Account Management Team, we call them CAM’s. They are your single point of contact for everything, anytime. One phone number & one email address. That simple.
Let our CAM’s introduce themselves to you.


Fuel Prices

We are always competitive. Our goal is to be the lowest price in the market for wholesale gas & diesel and if we are not the lowest, to be within 2 cents. But it’s not just about what our price is, it also how we price.

Simplified pricing. No complicated spreadsheets and confusing lists of terminals. From us you will see:

  • Just one, crystal-clear, always competitive, and frequently stellar price for each product.
  • Easy-to-read
Read More: New Pricing Design

Placing & Tracking Your Order


Ordering Fuel.
Rest assured, we will deliver.

Whether you call your dedicated Customer Account Manager (CAM) or place your order yourself through our Revolutionary iPhone App PowerFuel, you can rest assured that we will deliver, on-time and accurate.

Tracking Your Order

Track the Status of Your Load by calling your CAM or using PowerFuel and tapping on the history icon.

Learn More: PowerFuel iPhone App (FREE)


Load Status Updates.  Receive a text message or email when the carrier has accepted your order and the delivery time is locked-in.

Order Confirmation Text

Read More: Load Status Updates

After Your Order

Post Delivery Ridiculous Follow-through

Communication, communication, communication. What we can’t promise is that there will never be a hiccup. What we can promise is that we will always let you know. No sugar coating.

Quick Billing. Invoices are sent via email within 24-48 hours of the load being delivered with 99% accuracy.

Stellar Accounting Team. Always friendly and extremely competent, our accounting team is fast, accurate, and eager to help. Learn a little more about them.




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