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Always Competitive

We can’t promise that our prices will always be the lowest (Although much of the time they are). Anyone who promises you that, is not being truthful.

What we can promise is that our prices are Always Competitive.

Let our prices speak for themselves.
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More than Just a Price.

simplified-pricing2Pricing Design

It’s not just about the price, it’s also about how easy it is to understand and comprehend. No more spreadsheets with rows and rows of data. We’ve developed from the ground-up a whole new pricing design that takes the thousands of variables and displays the best price for each product. That simple.

Our Pricing includes:

  • Price Quote Guarantee: We take our fuel prices seriously. If we quote you a price, we will honor it.
  • Day Before Pricing: We will send you prices by 7pm MST the day before. No more waiting after hours, or until 10am to decide whether to buy. Know the day before with our Day Before pricing.
  • Same Day Delivery: We are able to deliver loads to you the same day you order it.

Customize Your Layout:

  • Best Price or Best Price by Supply City
  • Freight or No Freight
  • Taxes or No Taxes
  • Rolled-up to One Price or Detailed line-by-line

Layout: Best Price

Layout: Best Price

Layout: Best Price Plus+

Layout: Best Price Plus+

Supply & Trading Team

See this guy?
His job is to get you better fuel prices, everyday.

Dan and the the Supply Team are furiously calling, trading, researching and negotiating — beginning in the wee hours of the morning — all for the purpose of buying better. Which is why our customers frequently hear from us regarding a better price we’ve negotiated.

We are always fighting for better prices, then we pass those savings onto you.

Supply & Trading

Phenomenal Buying Power

It’s simple. Desert Fuels can purchase from every major supplier and every refinery in every region that we are in. Which means, that no matter which supplier has the lowest price on any given day, we are able to buy from that source.

This is in stark contrast with other fuel suppliers or branded fuel suppliers. Other suppliers can generally only buy from a few sources, or in the case of branded suppliers, they can only buy from one source. What are the chances that the one source will have the best price of the more than 10 options? Very slim.

It’s simple. Desert Fuels will always have fuel, and always have a competitive price. Period.