Fuel Market Update

Weekly Fuel Market Update

An insanely simple fuel market update sent via email every week for the following areas: New Mexico, West Texas / El Paso, Arizona, & Colorado – Front Range.

Colorado Lowest Prices In Nation | Weekly Fuel Market Update: April 9, 2013

April 9, 2013 | Weekly Fuel Market Update Nationally February brought record high prices this year. But now, at a time when gas prices traditionally rise as we head into the peak driving season, they continue to slide. In the first quarter of 2004, gas averaged about $1.60 a gallon. Five years later, during the first quarter of 2009, it averaged approximately $1.90, reflecting …

Why Californians Paid Big at the Pump

Hurricane on the West Coast? Gas Price Volatility. Hurricanes only happen on the East Coast or in Gulf states, right?  Think again.  A combination of refinery outages and tainted fuel in the pipeline caused a massive shortage of refined fuel in California this month that sent prices at the pump to their highest level in …