iPhone Apps for the Fuel Industry

iPhone Apps for the Fuel Industry
Update: Desert Fuels has released an iPhone App for the Fuel Industry. It will revolutionize the way you buy fuel. Go see for yourself. Watch the 90 second video introduction.
Desert Fuels has done the legwork and discovered a handful of fuel industry apps that give you real-time energy, pricing, and competitor information.
With so many iPhone applications out there, finding the best ones to meet your needs can be hit-or-miss. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a knowledgeable friend do the research and even test-drive the ones that seem promising? Consider it done! Desert Fuels has done the legwork and discovered a handful of fuel industry apps that give you real-time energy, pricing, and competitor information. We’ve even rated them for you on a 5-star scale. Knowledge is power. It can also be profitable. Check out these handy tools that can help you control costs, stay ahead of the trends, and even know what your competition is up to—all at your fingertips.

Wholesale Fuel / Bulk Fuel iPhone Apps

This is an interesting assortment of iPhone applications that can help out anyone who purchases wholesale gas or diesel. What you need to know is up to date market information as well as trends, prices, and other factors than can affect the movement of fuel prices. This is the first time any list like this has ever been compiled for easy comparison. So enjoy, and feel free to give your comments on these apps below.

Oil & Gas Energy Markets Price Forecasts

With live updating from the U.S. Department of Energy, this forecasting engine covers major energy sources—crude, gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and electricity. Add OPEC’s pricing and supply, production, reserves, and capacity data, and you’ve got a wealth of information for just $2.99.

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Energy Markets for Crude Oil, Petroleum and Renewables

This has it all. It’s an encyclopedia of the world’s energy supply. Oil, bio-fuels, green, nuclear, coal, LPG, you name it, are compiled from over 200 countries. It includes historical data from the past decade right on up to a snapshot of the planet’s current energy picture. The $2.99 price just might be a typo.

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Bio Fuel Trends and Charts for Bio Gas & Diesel

This is a great app for those in the Biofuel industry.  It reports on nation-by-nation supply, demand, source, and consumption information for all the major players within the UN. Its multiple chart types—including 3D graphics—visualize, track, and trend the state of the global biofuels market.  Not bad for $2.99.

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Pricelock Mobile

Pricelock Mobile is an on-line auction and sealed bid platform for companies to buy and sell energy, and control fuel costs at the same time. You can securely post your fuel needs online where suppliers bid for your business. Whether you are buying or selling, this is a valuable tool for larger companies with hefty fuel needs. App and registration are FREE.

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C-Store or Retail iPhone Apps

Here we are going to take a look at two apps that can help out any c-store operator or anyone that could benefit from knowing a little more about the fuel market and the competition.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is great for C-store owners who want to know the competition’s daily fuel prices without having to drive by ducking behind the wheel. This App provides detailed C-store location and price info. It’s also a great help when you’re traveling and on the lookout for the best gas prices. It’s a must have, and it’s free. My pocket book thanks you, GasBuddy J!

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Convenience Store Decisions

The Convenience Store Decisions app is a monthly iPhone magazine. It provides helpful information for all types of C-stores, including chains, independents, and petroleum marketers. This e-magazine will keep you updated with the latest and greatest information on all aspects of the C-store industry. Live feeds are provided.  All for the price of FREE. Can’t beat that.

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