Wholesale Fuel in Oklahoma

Oklahoma | OKC, Tulsa, Enid, Lawton, Boise City, Hugo, and more.

Desert Fuels and Oklahoma go together like fried onions on a burger.

At Desert Fuels, we know Oklahoman’s so well, that we know not to offend you by defining your entire state by the cliché “Oklahoma” song sung by Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). Wait… I think we just did what we said we wouldn’t…

All quirks aside, we do know Oklahoma well. We have a team of hard-working people who have been in Oklahoma for many years and to them Oklahoma is more than home. The reason why we communicate that is that we know the frustrations and the cut-throat competition that can exist in Oklahoma City and Tulsa between gas stations. Especially when trying to compete with a QuikTrip or Love’s. But that is why we provide more than fuel.

Truly Helping C-Store Owners in Oklahoma:

It’s not just about gas prices that makes a convenience store successful. We understand that deeply. It’s about support. And here at Desert Fuels we will give you a competitive gas price, but its what its paired with that really makes a difference.

  • Communication: 365/24/7. We have a Customer Account Manager who is dedicated specifically to you! (Meet Kayla, she is amazing). She is there to answer any question that pertains to helping you sell fuel.
    • “Is the market going up or down?”
    • “Should I buy today or tomorrow?”
    • “What is the delivery time?”
    • “Can you send me another copy of my last 5 invoices?”
    • “What ski resorts would you reccommend for snowboarding?”
  • More Than Fuel:
    • Point of Sale: Need an upgrade? Need to know if you got a fair price on your last purchase?
    • LED Lighting: Inside your store or outside. Pricing signs or just brighter more energy efficient lights. And tax savings!
    • Credit Cards: Oh how complex credit card processing can be. But we are here to simplify it, and fight for the best rates we can get you.
  • A Business Partner, Forever:
    • We TRULY care about your success. We don’t make a sale  and then run away. No way! Instead, we will stop by, call you, send you letters, and make sure business is going well for you. When you partner with us, you’ll have a business partner for as long as you want us.

Next Steps:

We are ready to sell you fuel, rebrand your station, help you buy a new POS and fuel dispensers, clean up your credit card processing and brighter lights. All you have to do is give us a call.

Call Tom Remy: (918) 704-4547

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