Who We Are

We are not in this for the money. Shocking, right?
We are in this to change the known world of wholesale fuel.
If that doesn’t thrill you, it may be because you might not be familiar with the “other” options out there, or how they in the industry really operate.

Who “They” are. The fuel marketing industry is notorious for some well-earned reasons, like:

  • Price-gouging and usury
  • Abusing loyalty
  • Closed-mindedness and stubbornness
  • Technologically stuck in the 70s

In short, the wholesale fuel industry is plagued with ‘good ol’ boys’ and “my daddy’s dad’s dad did this, so that’s why I do it” type of people. Not that that’s against the law or anything like that, but if you ask them why they do what they do, be ready for a blank stare or condescending quip.

Here at Desert Fuels, we know why we wake up in the morning: To Fix The Broken Trust of the Fuel Industry. We know what our goals are and what we have set out to accomplish. And here is the exciting part: not only do we enjoy what we’re doing, we respectfully think we’re pretty good at it. In fact, I’d say, if we stick to it, we could be one of the best in the world. So then, precisely what is it that we do? Many of our customers would say things like, “Desert Fuels is the…

  • source for fuel at ‘always-fair-prices.”
  • cool-website-and-iPhone-app-people.”
  • fuel company that actually cares about my business.”
  • one fuel supplier I couldn’t imagine doing business without.”

We call it, “Revolutionizing the way wholesale fuel is bought and sold.” If we’ve piqued your interest, it could be because you notice the stark contrast to what you may be use to, as well as a certain ‘something’ you sense we have that other fuel suppliers don’t.

We believe that intangible part is really important. So important, that we defined and committed to the “Why” behind what we do, well before we even sold our first load. We started with our own team—with a buy-in from each individual member, committed to living out the values that make Desert Fuels refreshingly different. We even plaster our walls with constant reminders of what we’re all about and for whom we exist so everyone knows that this is the standard to which we hold ourselves.

It’s more than a mission statement or fancy words that fade with underuse. It is our true north. Our guide and constant reminder of our purpose and what we need to do—and keep doing. We lovingly refer to this as the WHMSVV (Why, How, Mission, Strategy, Vision, & Values), and it looks like this:


Repair the Broken Trust of the Fuel Industry


We Don’t Convert, We Serve.
We Make Everything Better.
Then We Educate,
With Ridiculous Follow Through

Mission (the ‘What’)

Revolutionize the way wholesale fuel is bought and sold

Strategy (How We Accomplish It)

  • Simplify the Complex
  • Open the Closed Doors
  • Transform the Archaic
  • Build a “Platform Company”—aka the Standard by which others are measured

Vision (Future Snapshot)

To be the most Trusted and Preferred, Tier 1 wholesale fuel supplier wherever Desert Fuels grows to and for whomever it serves.


  • Others First: Authentically serve our team, customers, and suppliers with genuine interest in their needs FIRST
  • Learning / Humility: We don’t know everything; we learn from everyone
  • Choose the Good Perspective: See the good in every person and situation, and build on that
  • High Expectations: We fight for the Highest Possible Good in others, utilizing high challenge and high invitation
  • Solution Oriented: Proactive collaboration to solve problems together
  • Excellence: Focus on continuous improvement in everything we do
  • Intentional Mentorship: Learning and teaching as we go
  • Trust = OC x RFT (Over-Communication x Ridiculous Follow-Through)

This is our standard. If you see us wavering or falling short of it, call us out, and as soon as possible. Because this is who we are and what we stand for, and there’s no reason, or excuse, that should keep us from nailing it every time.

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