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With headquarters in Albuquerque, NM, one of the most entrepreneurial-friendly cities in America, Desert Fuels has declared an ambitious goal: “Develop the best and most innovative petroleum transportation services in the country”. Already one of the largest wholesale fuel suppliers in the Southwest, now Desert Fuels is doing it again, we’re revolutionizing wholesale fuel transportation.


Desert Fuels Transport

Transport Service Beginning in New Mexico and West Texas

Desert Fuels is now servicing all companies who buy bulk fuel with our fuel transport service from our Albuquerque and Artesia, New Mexico terminals, and our El Paso, Texas terminals, with the launch of Desert Fuels Transport.

Here at Desert Fuels we get up in the morning with the goal of taking a broken fuel industry and flat out fixing it! We love what we do and we will not stop until we transform the way wholesale fuel is bought and sold. We discovered that if we could apply our innovative practices of simplifying the complex, opening the closed doors, and transforming the archaic aspects of the fuel industry to the transportation of fuel as well – then we could truly change the industry.

What Separates Desert Fuels Transport From Every Other Carrier?

We’ve taken the same audacious approach that challenged and changed the wholesale fuel industry when we started Desert Fuels, and applied that same transforming idea to fuel transportation.

Our Technology and our Uncompromising Service!

Here’s how it works:

Load Status Updates: Ever feel out of the loop? With our Load Status Updates you won’t ever have to wonder where your load is! When our driver is at the rack getting ready to load your fuel, you will receive a text message letting you know we are loading and giving you an estimated time of when your load will be delivered. Then, when we deliver, you’ll get another text or email notifying you that your fuel is in the ground. You can always call us if you want, but with Load Status Updates, we always keep you in the loop.

Order Confirmation: Along with our Loads Status Updates, if you order your fuel from Desert Fuels along with using us as your carrier, you can also sign up to receive a text message or email when the carrier has accepted your order and when the delivery time is locked in.

One-Stop-Shop Dispatch: You call one phone number and our expert transport dispatcher will answer the phone every time. A single point of contact for everything, anytime. That simple!

Professional Drivers: Our drivers are smart, skilled, witty, fun and professional. Most important, they do everything safely and by the book. They are equipped with clean and quality trucks and trailers and with our state-of-the-art proprietary order system on their iPads. Our drivers embody the Desert Fuels values such as always putting Others First, Excellence in all we do, and always being Solution Oriented.

Uncompromising Service: Our follow-through is downright silly! We’ve been known to over-communicate pretty often. We can’t promise that there will never be a hiccup, but we can promise that we will always keep you in the loop. No sugar-coating!

Instant Customer Feedback: After every delivery, we give you the opportunity to let us know how we did with a quick and simple way to rate us and give your feedback. We want you to be brutally honest. Seriously, we can take it! Ultimately we want to make sure that you are happy 100% of the time with our drivers, our service, and the entire experience. But if we ever let you down, we won’t sleep with the fur throw pillows until we correct it.

Let Desert Fuels Handle All Of Your Fuel & Transportation Needs

Desert Fuels has positioned itself to handle all of your fueling needs. We have an almost endless supply of fuel and a fleet of transport trucks at your service. Read more about what makes us better than any other fuel supplier, and why we are chosen by hundreds of companies, municipalities, c-stores, and more.

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