Desert Fuels is One of the Fastest Growing Companies in New Mexico
Desert Fuels is the 19th Fastest Growing companies in New Mexico.

Desert Fuels is the 19th Fastest Growing companies in New Mexico.

We are proud to report that Desert Fuels is the 19th fastest growing company in New Mexico. We attended the wonderful award ceremony today at Hotel Albuquerque and we brought the entire Desert Fuels team to take part in the festivities.

What does this mean? Desert Fuels has had an average sustained growth in revenue of 40.44% year over year since 2010.

Hundreds of companies all around the state vie for the title of one of the top 25 fastest growing companies in New Mexico. This year we took home the 19th spot and we hope to go even higher in years to come.

Thank You to Our Cherished Customers:

A huge thank you to our customers for seeing and buying into our vision of “Revolutionizing the wholesale fuel industry”. We are not there yet as innovation is continual. But together we have taken a broken industry and have begun to fix the broken trust, open the closed doors, and transform the archaic.

To Our Suppliers and Carriers:

You are our indispensable partners in this revolution. You give a open ear to our at-the-time crazy ideas. Yet you listen and see the vision and help us to achieve the grand visions of the future of the fuel industry.

Desert Fuels Celebrating Fastest Growing Companies

Desert Fuels Team Celebrating Their Award

To the Desert Fuels Team:

A company is nothing more than the sum of its parts, its team. Out ideas, hard work, resilience, long hours, weekends, attitude, excitement, innovation and downright boldness has gotten us to where we are today. Let us hold on to our values, learn from each other, putting others first while focusing on true excellence, and the success of our first 3 years will be the first drop in the river of influence of Desert Fuels.

 The Future:

We will not slow down, we will not relent. Our goal is revolutionize the wholesale fuel industry. We won’t stop until we have been able to influence this industry for the better.

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