Desert Fuels is Coming to Midland & Odessa Texas

Odessa & Midland Texas are booming. And it has been this way for the past few years. With the innovation of “fracking” (Hydraulic fracturing) the once dormant oil fields of west Texas have been awakened and they may be more alive than ever. If you view Odessa & Midland on google maps in satellite view you can see how it seems that every square acre is covered with a light brown dot and at the center of that brown dot is an oil pumpjack.

So what does Desert Fuels bring to Midland & Odessa TX?

The bulk fuel industry is plagued by greed, selfishness, poor service, archaicness and so much more. We are different. We care about your business and the part that it may play in the petroleum supply chain. Although we may not know exactly what your company does yet, we do know that it is a waste of your time having to manage your own fuel, looking through pages of pricing, calling your supplier to get a status update, etc. It’s not worth your time for you to manage your fuel supplier.

That’s how we are different.

We want you to experience how simple buying fuel can be. Let Desert Fuels be your new fuel supplier.

We’re Visiting You

We will be in Odessa and Midland Texas in June & July of 2014. You are welcome to wait for our visit or phone call, or you can get the process started by calling 1-888-750-FUEL (3835).

Learn more about who we are and watch this video to see how our Customer Service is different.

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