A Message to our new Desert Fuels Customers,

We are excited to announce TACenergy, a division of The Arnold Companies (TAC), has acquired the business assets of Desert Fuels. At TACenergy, our goal is to provide competitive prices, top-notch customer service, and accessibility to America’s largest fuel supply network.

During our talks surrounding the acquisition, we mutually agreed that our objective was centered on you, our customers. TACenergy and Desert Fuels both maintained that it was important to care for our customers’ needs first and foremost and continue providing the fuel services you know and trust. With the TACenergy acquisition of Desert Fuels, you can rest assured that our vast supply network, financial strength, experienced trading desk, information technology, and 24/7/365 customer support teams are here to help you succeed.

TACenergy is one of the largest independent oil marketers in the United States. For over 50 years, TAC has grown from its origins of a single man and a truck to an annualized volume over 1.5 billion gallons of refined liquid fuels.

Our mission at TACenergy is for you to not just buy fuel, but to fuel your future with the backing of our talented team of customer service, engineering, trading, logistics, information technology, and petroleum industry professionals.

This new combination is a winning one for us all, especially our customers. Welcome Desert Fuels customers to the TACenergy family.


Fred Sloan
Vice President and COO, TACenergy

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Following are answers to frequent questions we receive regarding the acquisition of
Desert Fuels, Inc.

Why is Desert Fuels selling?
Desert Fuels’ goal has always been to provide reliable supply, competitive prices and the very best customer service in new and innovative use of technology. To continue to do this in the very competitive unbranded fuel world, we believe we need to be partnered with a more diversified company to take our team and supply to the next level.

Who is buying Desert Fuels?
TACenergy. The company is a division of The Arnold Companies (TAC), a family-owned business based in Dallas, TX. They supply customers – large and small – all over the country. Their culture and business model aligns directly with ours. They are a diversified company with a strong balance sheet which will allow us to do what we do long into the future.

I don’t want to do business with a Texas company. I prefer dealing with local people.
TACenergy will be keeping the vast majority of the former Desert Fuel employees our customers are used to dealing with in place and we will still be based locally. Your interaction with our company will not change. The idea is to make this easy and seamless for our customers.

Is everyone keeping their job?
The existing key customer contacts are in place, transitioning to stay with TACenergy.

Are my prices going to go up?
No. The suppliers and haulers will remain the same. The pricing methodology will not change. You won’t be impacted in any way. In fact, with TACenergy’s large balance sheet and more diversified supply there may be opportunities in the future to offer you even more competitive prices.

How will I order my deliveries? Is your supply changing?
You will order the same way you do now. We are keeping the same supplier in the same terminals.

Who will be delivering to my station?
The same hauler used now.

Are my credit terms changing?
No. To stay active as a customer with TACenergy, you only need to fill out the authorization form so payment can be processed when we bring you gas.

What will J.J. be doing now?
J.J. Mancini will be an active consultant to TACenergy and continue to office with the new Albuquerque TACenergy offices.

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