Bulk Fuel for School Districts in New Mexico

Cooperative Educational Services is a Purchasing Cooperative united by a Joint Powers Agreement to aid Public Schools in New Mexico.

From the beginning, it has been Desert Fuels’ goal to make buying bulk fuel simple. This is especially important for entities where fuel is a necessity but far from the focus. That’s why Desert Fuels and CES (Cooperative Educational Services) are a perfect fit. A school district’s focus is to provide great education and services to our children. Our school districts time should not be used:

  • to create fuel procurement RFP’s
  • to understand the complicated fuel industry and it’s unique pricing structure
  • spending hours a week managing the fuel purchasing process

There is a better way where school districts in NM can not worry about any of these concerns and many others while also ensuring a competitive fuel prices and that school buses always have fuel. Enter the Desert Fuels & CES partnership.

School districts in New Mexico can buy bulk diesel & gas from Desert Fuels off of the CES contract today. A substantial savings in both money & time.

Products & Services that we provide under the CES contract:

Desert Fuels provides bulk fuel (greater than 2500 gallons at a time) beautifully orchestrated to arrive at the time and place when you need it. At a competitive price and with unparalleled service. We make it look simple and easy.

Bulk Fuel (Products)

  • Gasoline (All grades & ethanol blends)
  • Diesel (All biodiesel blends)
  • Dyed Diesel (red)
  • Bio Diesel
  • Ethanol

Logistics (Services)
The process that takes place once an order is placed for bulk fuel all the way to when it is delivered and invoiced is a complex operation involving many people, systems, & facilities. Desert Fuels takes care of everything along the way so the school district does not have to worry about anything. We make buying bulk fuel simple.

How to Buy Bulk Fuel from Desert Fuels off of the CES Contract?

Simple. Just give us a call. We will get you set-up immediately to order off of the bulk fuel contract. The set-up process is just a few minutes. Click here https://green-touch.org/

Call 1-505-750-FUEL and say “We’re a NM school district and we would like to buy off the CES contract”

Desert Fuels’ Contract Details from the CES Bluebook

Contract #: 2014‐001 405‐006 DFI
Solicitation Type / Category Description: RFP C ‐ Gasoline, Diesel and Propane
Download a Copy of the CES Procurement Bluebook

List of School Districts in New Mexico that Desert Fuels Services

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