Bulk Fuel for Fleets

We're the perfect wholesale fuel supplier for your fleet.

What Type of Fuel Service does Your Fleet Need?

Commercial Fleet Fueling

Fuel your fleet at a commercial CardLock or commercial fueling location.


Nope. We can’t help. Contact Loves or Pilot Flying J.

On-Site Fleet Fueling

Fuel your fleet directly on-site. Also called “wet hose” or mobile fueling.


No, We are not the company for you.

Bulk Fuel Delivery into Tanks

A load of fuel delivered directly into your storage tanks. (more than 2000 gallons)


This is what we’re made for.

Features for Fleets

Low Prices & High Service

The Basics

  • We Supply All Products
    • Gas
    • Diesel
    • Dyed/Red Diesel
    • Bio-Diesel
    • Ethanol
    • etc…
  • Logistics. From price quotes to delivery and the thousands of details in-between. We make buying fuel simple.

We are your single-source partner who will keep your fuel levels high and your costs down. Regardless of your size and location, Desert Fuels can provide a fuel-delivery solution that meets you where you are.

Fuel Prices.
Tailored to fit your fleets needs.

Spot Price. Receive a daily email quote with our “Always Competitive” fuel prices. No contracts and no obligation. Perfect for the fleet manager who wants to micromanage fuel purchases.

Benchmark Price. Guarantee your supply & control fuel price fluctuations by attaching your fuel prices to an open 3rd-party benchmark to ensure price transparency. The benchmarks we can use are OPIS, Platts, Argus or DTN. Be a smart fuel buyer and base your prices off of a 3rd party benchmark. Let us be your fuel genius and we can find a benchmark perfect for your fleet.

Fixed Price Contract. Stop gambling with your largest expense. Lock in your fuel price for a month, quarter, year or longer. Set a budget fo fuel and hit it every time.






Fuel delivery reliability.

Rest assured, we will deliver.

We understand that you need your fuel when promised. This is a big problem in the industry. But we are different. We have developed technologies and systems to over-communicate to make sure that you do not run out of fuel and that your fuel is delivered when promised.

Track the Status of Your Load by calling your Customer Account Manager or using our “PowerFuel” iPhone app and tapping on the history icon.

Learn More: PowerFuel iPhone App


Fuel Order Confirmation Email. A concise email sent to you immediately after your order has been confirmed by the carrier.

Read More: Order Confirmation


Communication, communication, communication. What we can’t promise is that there will never be a hiccup. What we can promise is that we will always let you know. No sugar coating.

Human Focused.
Real. Personal. Service.

Dedicated Customer Account Managers (CAM). Each customer is appointed a Customer Account Management Team. A single point of contact for everything, anytime.

FuelQuest Integration

FuelQuest is a system used by many large fleets to manage inventory, prices, orders and payments for fuel. Desert Fuels integrates with FuelQuest so that pricing and invoices can be sent electronically to FuelQuest’s system. Simple & easy.

TelventDTN (Schneider Electric). We also integrate with DTN so that we can send electronic pricing and invoices directly to your DTN ID.

Any System. We will conform to you. We’ve developed a system that can integrate with any backoffice.


FuelQuest Integration Desert Fuels

Additional Features



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