Is Your Tribal Station Performing?
Our team of experts will tell you what our competitors won’t – how you can buy better, be more competitive, and make more profits.  And, we are willing to share it with you for FREE.  That’s right, we’re willing to dedicate a large chunk of our time with you, no strings-attached, for the sheer satisfaction of knowing that we can help make your travel center or station even more successful.

Desert Fuels. Your Tribal Travel Center & C-Store Experts

Whether you are considering developing a Tribal Travel Center, or just want to make sure that your existing tribal station is performing at the highest level, Desert Fuels has the expertise to help you accomplish your goals.  And it’s completely FREE!  Seriously, no strings attached!

How Is Your Tribal Station Performing?

Desert Fuels is offering 10 free hours of consulting to evaluate your competitiveness in these three areas:

1. Tribal Advantages

Are you properly leveraging The BIG 6 (6 tribal advantages)?

2. Price of Fuel

Are you buying as low as possible?

3. Driving Volume

Are you maximizing volumes in all areas?

At the completion of 10 free hours of consulting, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing your strengths and weaknesses in the above three areas.

Are You Considering A Tribal Travel Center?

We have been working with tribes to develop travel centers since 1998 and have developed some of the most successful tribal travel centers in the county.  The secret is in our ability to help you leverage the “BIG 6” tribal advantages and to properly design your development around these advantages.  We are your Tribal Development Experts!

Here’s What We Do:

  • We will get to know your vision or what you are trying to accomplish whether you are venturing into a new travel center or just want to maximize the potential of an existing store.
  • We will analyze your needs and your potential to meet your goals and give you the data and feedback to make the best decisions.
  • We will give you a step by step fool-proof plan designed just for you, based on our experience developing travel centers and helping tribal stores grow.

Next Steps:

Call me today to schedule a FREE meeting and up to 10 FREE hours of consultation.  For 17 years now, I have been helping tribes in New Mexico and around the United States develop tribal travel centers, and maximize the performance of their stations. I’m looking forward to helping you get that competitive edge.

Jason Mancini
[email protected]

About the author

Jason Mancini

Jason has been in the wholesale and retail fuel business for 17 years. Mancini grew up on the Navajo Reservation and attended Window Rock High School. After graduating college with a B.S. in computer science and a minor in mathematics, Mancini returned to the Navajo Nation where he helped the Tribe start their own gasoline distribution company. Since 2000, Jason has helped Tribes in New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, California, Michigan, Louisiana and Florida with all aspects of development from site analysis and selection, working with architects on design and development, selection of general contractors, analyzing pump company bids, brand evaluation, and selection of product mix and placement. Jason has been instrumental in the development and operation of 15 Tribal gas stations and convenience stores that today sell a combined fuel volume of over 45,000,000 gallons each year. Jason has successfully negotiated numerous supply contracts with major oil companies and is constantly abreast of the current oil company offerings with respect to incentive money available in different markets. Furthermore, he is apprised of the regional unbranded suppliers that are players in an area, and what types of deals they are offering. Jason specializes in Tribal tax issues and was instrumental in helping Tribes to leverage their tax advantages, making each project extremely profitable for its owners. Additionally, Mancini has acquired gas stations and managed fuel inventories. He has performed daily reconciliations, developed and implemented street pricing strategies, and investigated fuel theft and procured hardware and established procedures to prevent fuel loss.

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