Skip Roberts 5 Years

About Me. In Two Sentences:

I have a passion for serving other people and treating others as I want to be treated–honestly and fairly. As a Christian, I try to make a positive influence daily in the lives of people I make contact with.

My Ambition. In One Sentence:

To approach every customer with openness and integrity, while demonstrating how Desert Fuels’ is revolutionizing how business’ purchase wholesale fuel.

Three Questions:

Q1: So you are a Wholesale Fuel Specialist with Desert Fuels. Why do you love your job so much?
A: Meeting other people in their environment, helping them achieve their goals, and allowing me to do the same.  Building relationships based on friendship and mutual trust, then exploring where and how we go from here.

Q2: What makes you tick?
A: My Christian Faith is my cornerstone. Being honest; realizing sometimes you win and sometimes you wait for the win!

Q3: Outside of Desert Fuels, what else do you do?
A: I love to travel and see family in different states. I have a deep passion for baseball (Go Dodger’s.) It’s amazing what a person can learn from a simple, yet perfect game! My Christian faith is a very vital part of my life. I am involved in different activities through my church throughout the year. The Fall Carnival is ONE of my favorites! The Father’s Day car show is another! 


Kind, warm, gregarious, and infectiously likable. That’s an example of what you will be thinking after working with Skip. If you are in the same room with the guy for more than five minutes, you will walk away good friends. Skip is as honest as Albuquerque is windy in March. He is 100% genuinely and sincerely looking out for the customer’s best interest. We love him because he won’t try to talk you into something you don’t need and he will not waste your time, instead, focusing in on what you want and doing his darnedest to meet your need. If you would rather have an advocate, ally, and teammate, versus a “salesman,” Skip is your man.

At a Glance

If I owned a corner gas station I would name it…

Miles driven last year

What am I best at
Visiting and building that relationship, not selling–but building the kind of relationship that if I was to see a customer in a setting away from work, they would want to say hello, and be comfortable about it.

Favorite facts about living in Albuquerque
People as a rule are extremely friendly. The smell of green chili roasting in the fall, the four seasons, and the Dodger’s AAA Farm Club (Albuquerque Isotopes!)

Average number of trips to Twisters per week.
On a first name/order basis! Gulp.