About Me. In Two Sentences:

I am the type of person who will always give 110% and constantly go above and beyond. I desire to always have a good and positive perspective, as it’s a choice to have a good impact on others or a negative; I choose positive.

My Ambition. In One Sentence:

I like to keep life simple.

Three Questions:

Q1: Why do you love your job so much?
A: It is a challenge and always changing job. New challenges and hurdles are always around the corner.

Q2: What makes you tick?
A: An internal clock. All joking aside, I do all this for my family.

Q3: Outside of Desert Fuels, what else do you do?
A: Like hiking, camping, sand volleyball, and spending time with my family.


  • January 2016 – 5 Year Employment Anniversary
    Mike Dewart has been with the Desert Fuels team for 5 years. Mike was Desert Fuels’ 3rd hired employee and now besides its founder, has the longest tenure with Desert Fuels. We are so proud to have Mike apart of this team for the past 5 years. Thank you Mike for your countless hours of hard work, fierce loyalty, crexibility, wit, stentorian echoes, and trust. We are really looking forward to the next 5 years and beyond!


Nickname: “Pricing Genius”

With a long and distinguished career in the wholesale fuel industry, Mike joined Desert Fuels in early 2011, adding his genuine, kind heart and outstanding customer service (with a hint of wit and sarcasm.) Mike is the perfect addition to the Desert Fuels team. He is in charge of taking care of our customers 24/7 to help meet their needs.

At a Glance

Average Calls Per Day
35 calls

Words I know in other languages
Shookran (“Thank You”)

Average times woken up by calls
4 nights per week.

Besides a gallon of gasoline, I would love to sell a gallon (barrel) of…

What I am best at.
Thinking outside the box.

The view from my office
 NM Wildlife. Coyotes, roadrunners, lizards, squirrels, and more.

Best perk of Desert Fuels
Great mix of team members.

Favorite kinds of Youtube videos
Fail Compilation