About Me. In Two Sentences:

I want to change the world, live with passion, influence others, and count others as more significant than myself. And the tool through which all this will hopefully be accomplished is Desert Fuels.

My Ambition. In One Sentence:

Lead the Desert Fuels Team to revolutionize the fuel industry with innovation and fresh ideas, and inspire them to fulfill their potential & be exceptional, everyday.

Three Questions:

Q1: So you are the President of Desert Fuels. Why do you love your job so much?
A: Simply put, its the people. The Desert Fuels Team is second to none. We are akin to the 1927 Yankees (though I am personally a Red Sox fan) or the 1996 Chicago Bulls. This is the best team ever assembled to do the things that we do best. I love it!

Q2: What makes you tick?
A: Fixing the broken, building something from nothing, making waves, big ideas, transforming traditional concepts, and retaining the coveted “Undisputed Desert Fuels Ping-Pong Champion” trophy.

Q3: Outside of Desert Fuels, what else do you do?
A: My wife and I are going on a year-long mission trip. I play sand volleyball, play music at church, take Kung Fu lessons, and enjoy softball, traveling, Bible studies, and the like.


With a robust background in technology, business management, music, and design, plus deep experience in the fuel industry, J.J. leads Desert Fuels with a goal to revolutionize the  petroleum marketing and wholesale industry.

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