Elizabeth Fullbright

About Me. In Two Sentences:

I love animals, learning trivia, and all things pop culture related. I enjoy swimming, dancing, and reading.

My Ambition. In One Sentence:

I (try to) get the fuel and transport billing done as accurately and quickly as possible as well as keep track of the inventory at our stations.

Three Questions:

Q1: Why do you like being an accountant?
A: I like working in the accounting field because I enjoy solving puzzles, which is basically what accounting is.

Q2: What makes you who you are?
A: The love & support I receive from my family, friends, and boyfriend.

Q3: Outside of Desert Fuels, what else do you do?
A: Outside of work, I mostly hang out with my boyfriend of 3 years, Andrew. We watch a lot of movies and TV shows together. Sometimes we cook dinner together or go salsa dancing.


Coming soon.

At a Glance

What I am best at…
I am best at trivia. As my dad would say, my head is full of “useless knowledge”.

If I owned a Gas Station I would call it…

I have a pet cat named Figaro. I named him after the cat from “Pinocchio” because he looks like him.

If I could live anywhere in the world…
If I could live anywhere in the world I would probably pick Paris, France. I enjoy French culture, cuisine, and have tried to learn the language twice (unsuccessfully).

Favorite movie:
My favorite movie is “Gone with the Wind”. I’ve seen it countless times and have read the book twice. I own a copy of it on DVD, but if I see it on TV I will still sit down and watch it again anyway.