The Ultimate Guide to Buying Wholesale Fuel

(Gasoline & Diesel)

The wholesale fuel industry is complex. Our goal is to make it simple. This is a quick guide on oil filters and to quickly bring you up to speed in the wholesale fuel industry. So that by the time you are done reading this, you will be a bulk fuel buying pro.

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How is Bulk Fuel Priced?

RefineryThis may be the most complex part of the fuel industry. Luckily we have written a lot about pricing wholesale fuel.

Before You Choose Your Supplier:

If You Operate a Gas Station:

Fuel and Oil Industry:


We are here to help! Yes we sell wholesale fuel, but one the pillars of Desert Fuels is Industry Education. So if you have any questions, just contact us!

26 Responses to The Ultimate Guide to Buying Wholesale Fuel (Gasoline & Diesel)

  • John Crosier
    We recently opened a c-store and have been buying gas from fuel city. Friday my daughter bought gas for $2.607 the price that we was selling was $2.699 the following Saturday gas dropped to $2.59. Is there any way to prevent This? Where can I find better bulk gas delivery company?
    • J.J. Mancini
      John,Great questions. When the market falls, this can be very frustrating. Here is my recommendation of what you should do: 1) Make sure your current fuel supplier has your best interests at heart. Do they can about your success or just about making a quick buck. 2) Make sure you have market insight. So that you know WHEN to buy and when NOT to buy. That is why we invented the PowerFuel iPhone app. Even if you don't use our app make sure you have insight int market movements. You want to buy when the markets going up and wait to buy when it is going down.If you have any other questions, just ask ;)
  • Nthabiseng
    I want to sell diseal in bulk (25 litters)ordering and collecting my stock from ur company,what is the best price u can give per litter?
    • J.J. Mancini
      Unfortunately 25 litres is not considered bulk. We sell in gallons and a minimum order is generally above 2,500 gallons and generally closer to 8000 gallons if you want the best price.
  • Kendra
    I'm starting a fuel delivery service to residential and commercial companies. I would like some info on pricing unleaded and premium. Minimum amount in bulk?
    • J.J. Mancini
      Hi Kendra,Feel free to give us a call and we can help you with that. 1-888-750-(FUEL)3835 Minimum gallons for us is generally 2500 gallons. But if you are starting a fuel delivery service, then the minimum really comes down to you. Most carriers still charge 8000 minimum for gas eventhough they will haul less.
      • Michael De Jesus Da Costa
        hey JJ i'm currentley looking for a supplier for 50.000MT of ULSD could u give me some information to where i can get a good supplier it with a 1 yr contract and i dont want to lose it
        • J.J. Mancini
          Michael, thank you for the comment. There are plenty of suppliers who can offer fuel at those volumes. What it comes down to is logistics. Where do you need the fuel? Trucked some where? Pipeline tender? Train? Barge? Is this a monthly volume? We would love to be your supplier, but we will need more information. Please fill out the contact form by clicking "contact" at the top right, or give us a call 888-750-3835.
  • kashmir malhi
    how i can buy cheap fuel for my new location
    • J.J. Mancini
      If by cheap you mean inexpensive, the best way is to call ALL of the wholesale fuel suppliers in your area and get quotes from them. That way you are always buying the lowest of what pricing you see.
  • Warren
    Hi, I am interested in the purchasing and reselling or selling of petroleum here in South Africa. Suggestions on which to buy from and what I would need to get started would be very helpful please and whether I can actually do it...
    • J.J. Mancini
      Well, it just so happened that I used to live in Cape Town, ZA and happen to know a little bit about the fuel industry there. In order to keep the prices low, the government operates and subsidizes gasoline and diesel. Because of that, to become a reseller of petrol would be difficult if not impossible. Because of the relatively "free market" in the USA creates the marketer or jobber business. Because of the government run nature in ZA, that market does not exist. If it did, you'd probably have to be lining Zuma's pockets, or someone in the DA.
  • Felix Hurtado
    Hello, we are currently looking into starting a fuel delivery business in Southern California and I'm wondering in general if we purchase 8,000 gallons at a time of gas how much cheaper on average would that be compared to gas station prices in Los Angels?
    • J.J. Mancini
      Felix,On average if you buy bulk, you will be saving about 2-8 cents per gallon. But also keep in mind, that because of some of the competition of the hyper-markets (Costco, Sam's Club, etc.) it is also possible that they, at times, will be selling at the pump cheaper than you can buy. It comes down to relationship and buying from as many suppliers as you can.
  • Annie
    Is there any way you can purchase wholesale gas without having a c-store? If there is where could you properly store such a large amount of Gas? Look forward to your reply!
    • J.J. Mancini
      Yes it is possible. But you need to own tanks. Tanks come in many sizes from 500 gallon totes 20k gallon beasts (they get much bigger too). If you want to get a quote to buy a tank reach out to or a similar company.
    • J.J. Mancini
      Unfortunately we do not sell outside of the United States and Mexico. So we are unable to help in Turkey or Dubai.
  • Chris Winters
    I didn't know it was possible to buy fuel in bulk. I have been wanting to buy a better car that is more fuel efficient. I definitely think that we should find one that we could stock up on diesel fuel that could help us to save some money before inflation affects the local prices.
    • J.J. Mancini
      Chris, realistically if you are looking to just buy bulk for your personal use, you probably do not go through enough volume of fuel to warrant paying for the infrastructure to hold the bulk fuel. There are a lot of state regulations on how to "contain" fuel. Your investment to store even 500 gallons (very small) of fuel would be a couple thousand dollars. Think of it this way, you could go to Costco and buy pallets of toilet paper to stop from potential inflation (not the best analogy because I know fuel prices fluctuate MUCH more than TP), but then you would have to store it. When really, that's what you pay Costco for. They are the "store". In the same way, gas stations are the "store" for fuel. Yes, you'll pay a higher price, but for 99% of people, it's more than worth it. Hope this helped.
  • Leslie Cameron
    a truckload comes in how many sizes ? if f.i. it´s a 8000 gallos truck, can I get supplied a half truckload of any sized truck ?
    • J.J. Mancini
      Leslie, Sorry for taking a few days to respond. A truckload comes (depends on the state because of weight) in 7500 gallons of Diesel and 8500 gallons of gas. YES, you can buy what we call "short loads", but there is a caveat. The freight company will charge you the same price for freight whether they are hauling 8500 gallons or 100 gallons. So for example, if the freight cost is $170 to travel 50 miles, then if you divide that by a full load of 8500, that is two (2) cents per gallon. But if you only order 1000 gallons, then the cost of freight is $.175 per gallon. That is a BIG difference! So generally if you are going to get a short load, the smallest amount we would recommend is 3000. Otherwise, the discount of buying bulk is lost by the higher costs of freight.
  • John Travis
    JJ; What does it take to have a direct relationship with a refinery in order to become a mid-size wholesale supplier? I looking at 300-600k barrels per month, one year contracts, CIF and FOB. refined fuel products.
    • J.J. Mancini
      John, Thanks for the comment. At those volumes (300k-600k bbls per month) you want to be buying direct tenders from the refinery. But if you do not have the relationship with the refinery, that is why you would use someone like us. We know the refineries, the best pricing, how to contract correctly, buying from multiple refineries, etc. I'd recommend giving us a call if you are interested. 505-750-3835 and ask for me (J.J.), and we can chat in more detail.
  • danny lakani
    i do not have gas station or conv. store, i would like to buy fuel here at wholesale price and then send to mexico, please advice me about that. thanks.
    • J.J. Mancini
      Danny, If you are interested in being a partner with us in distributing fuel into Mexico, please fill out the quick form here.

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