About Me. In Two Sentences:

Dedicated husband to the most wonderful caring selfless woman in the world and blessed father to three of the top patience testers known to man. My family is my motivation for every breath and they really keep me on my toes.

My Ambition. In One Sentence:

To learn the fuel industry inside and out and to be the team member here at Desert Fuels that everyone knows they can count on for assistance so we as a team can provide the highest level of personal service to you, our Desert Fuels friend and customer.

Three Questions:

Q1: So you are our Branded Account Manager at Desert Fuels. Why do you love your job so much?
A: I love my job because of the people I work with and for. For the first time since high school I truly feel like an important member of a team and I feel like Desert Fuels’ “outside the box “ culture is a perfect fit for an unorthodox individual as myself.

Q2: What makes you tick?
A: I have been to a place in my life where I had nothing and been to the bottom of the barrel. So the thought of being in that place again motivates me to learn from people of all statuses in life and to work hard to achieve my goals.

Q3: Outside of Desert Fuels, what else do you do?
A: I spend every minute with my wife and children, we are a very close knit family and enjoy everything from flea market shopping to weekend trips to colorado. Oh, I should mention I usually will have a cigar in my mouth during our adventures.


The Firecracker… compact, full of energy, hardworking, lightning in a bottle and exciting to be around. Let me introduce you to Carlos Griego. A modern day renaissance man who can master the complexities of various VP racing fuels, enjoy a fine cigar, jam to 80’s music, accessorize shoes (mainly Jordan’s), and have impeccable hair. “C-lo” as he is lovingly referred to is a family man who loves his wife and 3 kids dearly.

Carlos has a diverse background resulting in many connections from his lifetime in the ‘Burque. If you need a guy for anything, Carlos has a guy! Carlos brings an energy and work ethic to Desert Fuels that is unmatched. Experienced in the operations of a gas station, Carlos is beginning his mastery of the fuel business and is growing by leaps and bounds. As an integral part of the Desert Fuels team, Carlos is focused on establishing strong relationships with our operators and ensuring our gas station assets are functioning at a championship level (by the way….did you know C-lo won a state championship in basketball his senior year?)

At a Glance

If I owned a gas station it would be called
Car Coffee

Favorite holiday
The 4th of July. Hot weather, BBQs and explosives.

What are you best at?
I honestly feel like my ability to bend my personality and make others feel comfortable. Despite differences in status, rank, or cultural backgrounds I am always able to “win you over” . Im the guy that you will end up liking even if you weren’t impressed when we met.

Favorite movies
Anything Will Ferrel

Contests I’ve won
I won a break dancing competition circa 1986 at the local church. Killed it!

Favorite sports team
Hands down the 1995-1996 Chicago bulls 72 wins 10 losses.