Customer Account Managers (CAM)

We’re the ones who do it all. Because we do, we’re often known by our other names:
  • Dispatcher
  • Fuel Industry Savant
  • Fuel Pricing Genius 
  • Mr. I make it happen when others can’t.

We are here to do one thing and do it very well: To give you uncompromising service!

We are your single point of contact, your “one-stop-shop,” from terminal to tank, and we’re just out-of-our-minds-crazy about being there to help you, 24/7/365 (and leap years too.)

Sales Manager

Sales? Pffffh! We prefer: “We have a solution you desperately need. You just don’t know about it yet.”

We make customers, not sales.

We’re not pushy at all, we’re just truly excited to share with you who Desert Fuels is, and to personally prove we really are “refreshingly different!”

Branded Account Manager

We take our branded accounts seriously.

We have a team (even just one strong) devoted to taking care of your every branded whim. Our expertise to specifically help our branded accounts includes, hands-on, in the field help with VP racing fuels, branded image standards, equipment help (POS & Tank gauge), environmental compliance, even just a fun chat. We will go above and beyond. Much farther than you’d expect from any other branded account managers. Go ahead, test us.

Desert Fuels Transport

Desert Fuels Transport – Only two years new and growing!

We handle the countless details from getting a truck from the terminal to your location. Although new, we have a wealth of experience and our transportation company is slated to be truly revolutionary. Read more about Desert Fuels Transport.

Accounting Team

Michael Weiss
Liz Ratliff Desert Fuels Accountant
Elizabeth Fullbright
We account differently.

We’re not here just hiding behind forms and figures. We’re able to make a whole lot of data make sense and clearly convey the information that you need.

We call it account-able™.

It’s not just an invoice anymore.

The Rest…

Who are we?

We clean up after meetings and straighten the conference room chairs for the next group. We make sure our team is good-to-go at the start of each day, and the lights are off when it’s over. We cover the essentials: making sure phones work, emails send, and at least an hour of merciless ping-pong is waged in our “war room” each week.

We love what we do and the people for whom we get to do it.

It’s not a job; it’s a joy. Just another way we’re refreshingly different.